Joseph Haydn: Andante cantabile (Serenade)

Libro vermell de Montserrat: los seyt gots recomptarem

Cant de la Sibilla - Sibilla Latine

Libro vermell de Montserrat: cuncti simus concanentes

Une jeune fillette

Mozart Horn Concerto & The High Society Dance

Hildegard Von Bingen ~*~ O Ecclesia

The Beggars Opera - Greensleeves

Hildegard von Bingen - From: "Ordo virtutum"

Hildegard of Bingen, Spiritus Sanctus

See also my page on medieval music

Noi....Hildegard von Bingen - O Euchari (De sancto Euchario Sequentia)

Mozart - Concerto No. 23 For Piano and Orchestra, Adagio

oh the number 21  andante Mozart

Prokofiev - Lieutenant Kijé//Romance
(other expressioniste synphonic pieces)


If you lile or want to discover barok music

Bach - Concerto for 3 Harpsichords in D minor (BWV 1063

Johann Sebastian Bach - Sonata in E flat major (BWV 525)

J.S. Bach Suite No.2 - 7 Badinerie

Bach - Cantata BWV 243 - Magnificat

Rostropovich plays the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1

Lieutenant Kije - Troika

Stella splendens - Jordi Savall

Haydn SymphonyNo.101 inDMajorClock II.Andante Austro-HungarianHaydnOrch.AdamFischer



Haydn Cello Concerto No. 2 in D major H. 7b-2 Op.101 1. Allegro moderato.Christine Walevska



Leopold Mozart/Joseph Haydn - Toy Symphony

Romance for Violin & Orchestra Op. 50 - Ludwig Van Beethoven

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